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Changing the Exchange Server service account

We have an NT4 domain with an Exchange 5.5 server on it. We also have a Windows 2000 domain. We are getting ready to upgrade to Exchange 2000 and will be doing so by building a new server, ideally moving the mailboxes, et al, over to the new Exchange 2000 machine.

We want to build the new server in the same site. This site is currently the hub of the organization with three other sites. Unfortunately, the Exchange 5.5 server uses the NT4 domain administrator for the Exchange Service Account. We would like to change this prior to the installation of the new server. We have read the white papers on this; however, we have also come across a TechNet article that says:

"Microsoft does not recommend that you change the Exchange server service account. However, you can use the following procedure in a situation where there is a single Exchange server site and a single Exchange server computer. In situations where there is more than one Exchange server computer or site, the only workaround is a complete reinstallation of Exchange server."

Why is a reinstallation the only workaround? What would this change or break?
The Exchange Server service account is granted special permissions in Windows and Exchange, making changing it a very gory procedure. However, Microsoft just so happens to have a whole white paper devoted to the subject entitled How to change the Microsoft Exchange server 5.5 service account. I would read this white paper a couple times before implementing the procedure. You may even wish to have someone from Microsoft PSS on the phone with you while you perform the procedure.

There's also some additional information that might interest you, as well.

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