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Changing the display name in Outlook 2000

I currently use Microsoft Outlook 2000 SR-1 and Microsoft Exchange server 2000. How do I change the display name in Outlook with Exchange server? I changed it on the server side, but the display name was not effected. Is there a key in the registry which I need to edit?
Since you are using Exchange 2000, changing the display name is an operation that is performed in Active Directory. First, launch the Active Directory Users and Computers tool. Locate the user whose display name you want to change and open the Properties for that user. Navigate to the General tab where you'll find a field called 'Display Name.' Make the desired changes to this field and click OK to save your changes.

Once Active Directory replication has occurred, the change will be visible in Outlook. If you can't wait for replication, you can use Active Directory Sites and Services to manually replicate the change throughout your domain.

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