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Changing the port on a client's computer

I'm running Windows 2000 Terminal Service in Administration mode. I want to change the port on the client's computer from 3389 to 3399 when they try to connect. I have the Terminal Server's router and TS server listening on 3399 through the registry, but I can't seem to figure out how to change it on the user's system. The user is running XP Home using Remote Desktop Connection. I tried the IP address of the Terminal Service along with the port (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:XXXX) but it wouldn't take it. It didn't like the : before the port number. I assume I need to make a registry change, but after looking at the registry I didn't see where. Your help will most appreciated.
I recently got e-mail from another reader about this. It turned out that he was using the older client, the one that comes with Windows 2000. Try using the Remote Desktop Client--it'll work then.

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