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Classes for setting up a web server

Could you recommend some courses where I can learn how to set up a corporate website? In terms of knowledge, I can hand-code quite comfortably with HTML. I am also self-learning Visual Basic. I can read about ASP databases, Flash, 3-D effect, etc. I can understand how to use these tools; however, I do not know how to use them. I live outside of the US so the courses need to be available internationally.
Given your location and your needs, I'd recommend investigating the online classes that companies such as Digital Think (www.digitalthink.com), iGeneration (www.igeneration.com), Prosoft Training (www.ciwcertified.com), and other similar organizations offer. By taking such courses online, your location won't matter, and as long as you have access to systems and services you must use to do your job (which it sounds like is no problem for you), you should be fine.

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