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Clearing previous addresses from Exchange

We are running a combination of Exchange 5.5 on Windows 2000 and Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003. Our problem is that we deleted a user account in Active Directory and set the user up from scratch. Now, when we start typing this employee's name in the To: box, Outlook resolves the previous alias and not the new one. The user is given the option to select the new one which works fine. As a result, users sending an e-mail to the now non-existent alias get an undeliverable message. Is there any way to remove this rogue alias?
What you're seeing is a behavior of the Outlook client. It will automatically try to auto-fill the address field with addresses corresponding to what you type. If you see a stale address as you are typing down, just hit the delete key with the focus on the problematic address in order to clear it from cache. Once you do this it will no longer appear in your end users' type down lists.

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