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Client PCs can't ping the SBS 2003 Server

I have a new SBS 2003 Server with three clients. The server has two NICS, an internal NIC used for DHCP, DNS, WINS, VPN, NAT/Firewall enabled, and the other NIC is for Internet (DSL) use. All client PCs can ping each other by IP or NetBIOS name but can't ping the SBS 2003 Server, nor can the server ping any clients. Is the server blocking ICMP on the private network? What can be done?
Are your internal clients able to access any other resources on the SBS server, or do they have no connectivity at all? If there is no connectivity whatsoever between your clients and server, double-check the IP settings of the internal interface to be sure that the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway are configured correctly. To check for any port filtering, go to the Access Policy„³IP Packet Filters node of your ISA administration utility. You should also check the IP Filtering tab on the TCP/IP Advanced properties sheet for the internal NIC, and be sure that the Windows Server 2003 firewall isn¡¦t configured to block pings on that adapter.

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