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Client can't log into any workstation

I have a small network running a dedicated Win2k server and XP Pro clients in a domain environment. One of my clients can't log into any workstation and work. Initially, I thought it was a profile issue, so I wiped out her old one and started a new one. But there are still problems. Windows can't update the roaming profile (at logoff) to a login that appears to be working fine but drive mappings indicate user password and rights errors. I have tried everything I can think of pertaining to this client. What am I missing?
It may be a registry issue. Create a clone of the account by copying it. Rename the old account to something else, then name the new clone back to the original account's name. This creates a new SID in Active Directory but retains all of its settings and group memberships. You will need to copy the old profile into the new clone account's profile directory.

If the clone account has the same problems, you can either inspect the user rights settings for that account and all group memberships (try using DumpSec from somarsoft.com) or create a new user account from scratch and start completely over for that user.

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