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Client computers can't connect to shared printers

I just finished installing Win2K Server, and our network runs XP/2000/98. Certain computers have shared printers, but for some reason other client computers cannot connect to the shared printers. Although the XP machines can connect after logging on to the shared printer, I cannot gain access to the domain controller to add users even though all computers are logging onto the domain. I checked the global security setting and there seems to be no problem because the users have access. I set up DNS integrated with AD. The server is set up as "per server" but I was contemplating changing it to "per seat."
It is possible that your licensing choice is preventing your clients from connecting. If a server is licensed using the "per server" option, any client connections will be refused after the server has reached its limit of licensed connections. Switching to "per seat" will alleviate this, as long as you are in compliance with the # of CAL's that you've registered on the server.

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