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Clients are not getting SUS updates

I set up an SUS server for update deployment but my clients are not getting the updates. I have checked the Windows Update log on the clients, and they are reaching the SUS server. We do not run AD so I made the registry additions and have gone over them several times. The Auto Update in the Control Panel is greyed out. On the server the WUtrack.bin file is blank and has no information at all. I checked the IIS log and I can see my test machines hitting the SUS server. I built a machine and just ran Service Pack 4 on it and then ran the reg mod to test, and it has not installed any of the approved updates. I have the updates stored on a local folder. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Other than re-reading through the SUS Deployment Guide, you may want to double-check the clients to ensure they are not running a local firewall (or other application) that could be blocking the ports required for the Automatic Updates client to work properly. AutoUpdate being grayed-out in Control Panel, simply means that the client has been configured outside the Control Panel applet.

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