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Clients writing to log files on our SUS server to get their updates

We are implementing SUS here and have even joined susserver.com. One of the neat tricks there is to combine SUS with WOL as at http://www.xs4all.nl/~equator/suswol/. We installed SUS cabs and created a (hidden folder) for the WOL files and logs on a D: partition of the server. Would you be concerned that the clients need to write to the log files on our SUS server in order to get their updates this way? The files are R W. Couldn't someone do other damage if they wrote other things to the log files?
I'll agree with you that there's always that risk. Writing something to the logs isn't a big worry. You can always grab the proper information from the client logs. My big concern, though, is if something overwrote the log file with an .exe, except renaming it with a .txt or .log extension. Accessing the log file may cause the client to run it instead. Assuming it's a virus disguised as a log file, could spell trouble. SUS 2.0 (or WUS) will work with SQL and MSDE connections, so the log file issue should go away then.

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