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Comparing VMWare and Virtual PC

Regarding your article on a virtual practice lab, I think Virtual PC was great until it went to Connectix. As soon as Microsoft bought Connectix, they changed things in Virtual PC and now many legacy applications can't communicate under Virtual PC 2004. I have 15 Virtual PC 5.2 clients running just fine while in the transition. But Virtual PC 2004 has serious flaws in its IPX/SPX implementation. VMWare doesn't have this problem and VPC 5.2 doesn't have this problem. On that note I seriously disagree with you that Virtual PC 2004 is better than VMWare, let alone better than Virtual PC 5.2. Any comments?
I didn't say that Virtual PC was better than VMWare, I said one of our site readers felt that way. For myself, we already own a 5-license copy of VMWare so that's what I use (and what I know best). I've heard numerous pros and cons from various folks like yourself, and encourage other readers of this dialog to draw their own conclusions. My advice is don't buy anything that doesn't come with a money-back guarantee should you encounter software compatibility issues. Thanks for adding to the ongoing dialog (and controversy).

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