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Completed coursework but no job yet

I need your advice on how to get into the IT industry. I am reentering the job market after being sidelined from an automobile accident.

My background includes a progressively successful engineering (not in computer science) experience that involved extensive use of FORTRAN. This was followed by over 10 years of doing anything to survive. Then I took computer programming courses in C, SQL, Visual Basic, UNIX Shell scripting, and got A+ certified. In addition, I completed course work toward Windows NT4 core exams recently.

Yet, I cannot obtain even an interview for internship, part-time, or full time.

I would appreciate your input on how to get into either the programmer or networking prong of the IT industry.

The technical courseware you studied was definitely a step in the right direction. However, as you have experienced, it alone will not land you a job in today?s hiring environment. You will need to highlight aspects of previous programming experience (and even your 10 years of non-technical work) that will apply directly to future career opportunities.

In addition to seeking technical employment through internships or volunteer organizations, consider an entry-level position in a tech support role. Help desk experience offers a well-rounded knowledge base for a career in networking. And, in the mean time, continue your educational pursuits. Even after you do land a job, you will need to ensure your skills are always up to date.

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I suspect that the issue might be soft skills and job search skills. In addition to technical training one should consider resume workshops, practice interviews, and so on.
Was this the same market before the accident? If a new career, most training facilities offer job placement assistance. If this was your career before, how long have you been out of work? Have your skills fallen behind the times?