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Configure IMF's Gateway SCL to improve spam filtering

Find out how to configure Exchange IMF's Gateway Spam Confidence Level (SCL) rating to improve spam filtering to a user's Microsoft Outlook mailbox.

I recently implemented Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF). It correctly tags 99% of all spam, but Exchange IMF is still allowing spam through to the mailbox. The Microsoft Outlook clients are moving the spam tagged email to the Spam folder (via Microsoft Outlook's junk email filter), however, I don't want these email messages to get through to the clients in the first place. Please give me some advice.
You can prevent these email messages from filtering to the mailbox by configuring the Gateway Spam Confidence Level (SCL) rating to "Archive." Currently, there is no way for your users to review the archive. If you need to review the archive, you will have to take some additional steps. I recommend that you read Bharat Suneja's blog for detailed information on configuring and using the IMF archive.

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