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Configure a mobile device to receive POP3 email from Exchange Server

Find out how to configure a Palm Treo mobile device to receive POP3 email from an Exchange Server instead of a POP3 server.

Before my company switched from a POP3 server to Exchange Server, I had no problem receiving email from my Treo 650 (Palm OS). Since we moved to Exchange Server, I'm unable to retrieve email on my mobile device. What setting changes do I need to make to receive email on my Palm Treo mobile device?
If the Palm Treo mobile device is attempting to retrieve email using POP3 as the protocol, then you must first verify that the POP3 service, which is disabled by default on Exchange Server 2003, is running. You must then confirm that your firewall permits inbound POP3 email and directs it from the Internet to the IP address of your Exchange Server.

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