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Configuring Internet Connection Sharing on Win2k Pro and Win98

I use Win2k Professional and I would like to share my Internet connection with my Win98 computer. My ISP is accessed via a 56k modem. But when I try to access the Internet using the Win98 it does not work. I have set up my dial-up connection for sharing, but it asks me to set up a DHCP on the Win2k Pro. As I understand it, the DHCP is a service for Win2k Server and I can not use the static IP address. Do you have any suggestions?

When you configure Internet Connection Sharing, it should automatically configure the network card that connects to your Windows 98 system to use the IP address It will then automatically configure a simple DHCP service--even if you're using Windows 2000 Professional. This DHCP service will assign IP addresses in the 192.168.0.x network.

So, share the connection, allow Windows to automatically configure these things, and then change your Windows 98 box to use DHCP. Then, reboot.

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