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Configuring anti-virus settings in Exchange 2000

Where do I configure the anti-virus settings in Exchange 2000?
Exchange 2000 has no configurable anti-virus settings. Rather, it includes anti-virus application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable third-party anti-virus vendors to hook into Exchange and make their anti-virus software Exchange-aware.

One type of anti-virus scanning available for Exchange is MAPI-based scanning. MAPI-based scanners log on to each mailbox to scan them for viruses. While this will enable you to detect and clean or remove infected messages and attachments, it is a slow, resource-intensive process.

Instead of using MAPI-based scanning I recommend that you use Exchange-aware anti-virus software that supports the Virus Scanning API (VSAPI) version 2.0 found in Exchange 2000. VSAPI, also known as the anti-virus API (AVAPI) and the virus API (VAPI), provides on-demand, proactive and background scanning of incoming messages and their attachments for malicious payloads.

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