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Configuring the default recipient policy in an Exchange 2003 environment

Learn the best way to configure the default recipient policy in an Exchange 2003 test environment.

Dear Brad Dinerman: I am setting up an Exchange 2003 test environment and believe that a domain name should be registered with a name registrar. The mail exchanger (MX) record should be published, to allow email messages from outside our network know where they should be sent.

Our Exchange smart host receives email sent from the Internet and passes them internally. I'm under the impression that we set up our recipient policies to define which domains we receive messages for. Do we require a connector to receive email from the Internet in Exchange Server 2003? If not, why do we require something like a Receive connector in Exchange Server 2007?

You are correct about the domain registration and MX records. First you need to register a domain name. Second, create a host record that points to the IP address of your mail server (or appliance or service that will be receiving messages for you) and third, create a MX record that points to the host record you just created.

Exchange Server 2003 is configured to receive mail out-of-the-box. However, it will create a default policy that matches the domain name of the Active Directory domain. If your AD domain matches your Internet domain name, you're all set.

However, if the two are different, you'll need to modify the default recipient policy to also include the Internet-based domain name. You'll also want to configure the policy so that the primary email address matches the Internet domain name. Finally, apply the updated policy to user accounts so they all receive the changes.

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