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Configuring the page file on 2003 servers

Do you have any rules of thumb for configuring the page file on 2003 servers? Or do you recommend letting Windows manage the page file? With NT, I typically set the page file to be only slightly larger than the ram size (also dependant on the application on the server). I also set the page file maximum and minimum size to be the same. My understanding was that this would prevent the server from constantly resizing the page file (fragmenting it too), but also keep it a smaller and more manageable size. What are your recommendations for 2003? Any other recommendations for performance tweaks?
I recommend letting the system manage it. If you think your system is underperforming, you can perform the following:
- move the page file to a different physical drive
- split the page file across multiple physical drives
- make the paging file twice the size of physical RAM
- place the page file on the fastest hard drive and drive controller available
- defragment the hard drive before moving the page file to it.

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