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Contacting the domain controller

Windows network security expert explains how to make sure users can contact your domain controller

I have a Windows 2000 server that used to function as the DHCP server and Router with two NICs. I've put in an external router/firewall/dhcp server and now use just one NIC on the old Win2K server. My problem is that no one can contact the server in its function as the domain controller. I've tried changing gateways and DNS but I can't get to the Domain Controller function from another client computer. I can ping both ways to and from the server and share resources but no domain functions. Any ideas?
Without screenshots of the errors, this is a little tough to troubleshoot, but I'd recommend verifying your SRV records in the DNS server and making sure that they point to the correct IP address of the Domain Controller. You will want to verify the records in the _msdcs, _sites, _tcp, _udp zones and all subzones. Verify that the _gc, _kerberos, _ldap and _kpasswd values are correct. Additionally, if you have removed the second NIC IP configuration (and I would recommend disabling or physically removing the NIC as well), you can update the DNS server values by running the command ipconfig /registerdns. This will work for both DHCP and static clients.

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