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Continuous trial by the 2000 workstations to update printer drivers

I just picked up your book "Inside Windows 2000 Server." It comes highly recommended. I am actually doing a three months practical industrial-attachment in my company. They have recently upgraded their workstations to 2000 professional. Now the problem is these client-stations are connected to an NT (sp5) print-server with a Xerox N2125 laser printer. Print jobs are efficiently done with no problem but there are constant brief interruptions in the form of delays. These delays happen whenever users are using their stations, especially when they are using spreadsheets. A look at the events monitor reveals continuous trial by the 2000 workstations to update the drivers on the print server. To date, there is actually no driver for this. Can this action from the 2000 stations be shutdown? Or is there a remedy otherwise.

Thanks for the nice words about my book. I'm revising it now for Whistler. Look for the new issue near the end of this year.

I checked Xerox's web site and found W2K drivers for the N2125. Try installing this driver on the W2K desktops:


If the problem persists, try this. The N2125 supports direct TCP/IP printing. Configure a desktop to print directly to the printer via LPR. If this resolves the problem, then your simplest solution would be to put in a W2K print server for the W2K clients. It's not an elegant solution (that is, it doesn't resolve the true root cause) but it would get your users out of pain. That gives you time to work out the true solution with Microsoft Product Support Services and Xerox.

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