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Copy email to a BlackBerry without a BlackBerry server

Find out how to configure a BlackBerry device to receive a copy of a user's email messages -- without a BlackBerry server.

I just read the response " How to create a server-side forwarding rule to send email to a BlackBerry." What happens if you don't have a BlackBerry server? I have a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) and some of the users want to have their email messages copied (not forwarded) to their BlackBerry devices.

Here is a solution that is very easy to implement and does not require any knowledge or possession of a BlackBerry server. To do this, you only need to have an email-enabled BlackBerry device. (If your device is not yet email-enabled, you can probably arrange this at no extra charge through your handheld/wireless provider).

Once you've configured an address for your handheld device, such as JTest@myhandheldprovider.com, create a contact in Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) that corresponds to that address.

After the Exchange Recipient Update Service (RUS) has run its magic and you can now "see" this contact in your address book, configure forwarding of messages from the user's regular mailbox to the new BlackBerry contact. You will do this on the Exchange General tab of the user account. You can also set this so that messages are sent to both the BlackBerry and the mailbox, rather than just to the BlackBerry without leaving a copy in the mailbox.

Messages sent to the BlackBerry using this technique will appear as the original message, preserving all sender information. The messages will not appear as having been forwarded by another account.

As a final step, you may want to hide the BlackBerry contact from the address book, using the Exchange Advanced tab of the contact, so that regular users do not see it in the address book.


The best way to set up a BlackBerry when you have Windows SBS (assuming OWA is set up and working) is to use BlackBerry Internet Service. This service communicates with Exchange via OWA's interface and handles incoming and outgoing email. Whatever you send from the BlackBerry will be recorded in your Sent Items and will be sent from your Exchange email address rather than the BlackBerry email address (which you don't even need to have).
—David W.


I personally hate email forwarding. On two occasions, we have had issues where the mail server stops sending forwarded email because it gets bottle necked with non-delivery reports (NDRs) from the forwarded email.

I agree with what David W. said… using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is a better way to redirect email. I find it to be reliable and their tech support tends to be good, although it does depend on the provider.
—Andrew C.

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