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Copy student policy to new OU

I have a Windows 2000 server with Active Directory and an OU with a student group policy. I want to copy the student group policy to a new OU and rename it so I can edit it. Why do I want to do this? I need all the settings on the existing student group policy for the new OU, but want to add an additional setting (to restrict IE) that I don't want on the student OU. Our AD is growing and it would be helpful and consistent to copy existing GPO's and add/subtract settings.
You're in luck! You most certainly can copy GPOs, then, give them a different name, modify them as you wish, then link to the place in Active Directory that you wish. You'll need to leverage the Group Policy Management Console to do it, but after that, it's very easy. Simply drill down to the Group Policy Objects node in the GPMC, right-click over the GPO, and select Copy. Then, immediately select Paste. It will create a new GPO named "Copy of {oldname}". Simply rename it what you wish, and you're in business!

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