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Copying contacts emailed as attachments to the Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder

There are two ways to drag and drop contacts into a Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder from an email attachment -- depending on how the email message is formatted.

I'm trying to copy contact lists that were emailed to me as attachments. When I click on any of the attachments and drag them into my Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder, the only information that pops up is the sender's information. If I right click, I don't get the "add to your contacts" option. How can I remedy this problem?
How is your email message formatted? Is it HTML or text formatted (in which the attached contacts appear in the header section), or is it RTF formatted (in which an icon representing the contact appears in the body of the message)?

If it appears as an icon in the body, then single-click the icon so that a single-line border appears around it. Once you have that, you should be able to drag it into the Contacts folder. If you do other than single-click it, you may see that the border around the icon has eight blocks in it; you will not be able to drag the contact at this point.

If the contact appears in the header section, single-click the contact in the header and then drag it into your Contacts folder. If it does not drag, wait a moment, click it one more time, and then try the drag operation again.

If none of the above work, you can open the contact and then select File -> Copy to Folder to put it into the Contacts folder.

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