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Could not assign another block of RIDs when assigned block ran out

Find out what to do when Active Directory runs out of RIDs.

Q: I was doing Active Directory restore on a machine with different hardware (network card) than the previous one. It worked fine; I ran a script to add 1,000 users to the Active Directory, but when the assigned block of RIDs ran out, it could not assign another block of RIDs. Is there a solution to this?

A: When a restore occurs on a machine that was the RID Master you can run into this problem. Some success can be achieved if you have multiple domain controllers. Transferring the RID Master to another domain controller and then seizing the role back to the original can resolve the problem, and has in cases I have seen. Make sure you use the Active Directory MMC not NTDSUTIL to perform the seizure. 

However, there are other issues and complications that can arise, especially if this is a Windows 2000 server and not a Windows 2003. For more information on what to look out for in the other cases, check out the following Microsoft white paper.

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