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Create Exchange user and mailbox accounts on a Windows 2000 PDC

Discover Exchange 2003 setup requirements for creating Exchange user and mailbox accounts on a Windows 2000 primary domain controller (PDC).

We have a Windows 2000 domain controller, which is also set up to act as a failover primary domain controller (PDC), and an Exchange 2003 server. We can simultaneously create a user and mailbox account on the Exchange 2003 server and we would like to be able to do the same on the Windows 2000 PDC.

Currently, we can only create a user account on the Windows 2000 PDC. I believe a component is missing that would allow the mailbox to be created from the Windows 2000 PDC, but I am not sure what that component is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You need to run the Exchange 2003 setup on the Windows 2000 PDC and choose to only install the Exchange systems management tools. This will install the "Exchange extensions" that Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) needs to enable you to create Exchange objects (i.e., mailboxes, etc.) when you are creating users.

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