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Create a 'catch-all' mailbox to receive improperly addressed e-mail

I am running Exchange 2000 at many of my clients' sites. I need to find out if there is a way to create a "catch-all" e-mail account. In other words, if someone addresses an e-mail to fred@mycompany.com, instead of the real address fredl@mycompany.com, can there be an account to "catch" these improperly addressed e-mails? I know that many hosting companies have this ability; I just haven't figured out how to do it on my systems.
There are two possible solutions here. The first one is much easier because it simply involves configuring who you want non-delivery reports (NDRs) sent to. If you open the Properties of your SMTP Virtual Server in Exchange System Manager and navigate to the Messages tab, you'll see a field for "Send copy of Non Delivery Reports to." This is where you want to send a copy of every NDR (by default, when an e-mail message is undeliverable, a non-delivery report is returned only to the sender of the e-mail message). Note that in a heavily used messaging environment, you may not want to enable this feature.

A second solution is to create a Catchall mailbox. In Create a "Catchall" mailbox sink for Exchange 2000, Microsoft has instructions for creating an event sink that captures e-mail messages sent to a particular domain, and then direct them to a single mailbox. Now, I realize this is not exactly what you want (and probably neither is the first solution). However, you could modify the event sink used in that article to only send non-resolved messages to a single mailbox.

I suppose a third option might be to see if there are any third-party apps out there that might do this; however, I'm not aware of any off the top of my head.

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