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Create a rule to forward internal Exchange Server email to a BlackBerry address

Here are some server- and client-side tips for creating a rule to forward Exchange Server email to a BlackBerry address.

I am trying to get my BlackBerry to receive email from my Exchange Server account. However, the Exchange server is internal only. We have a company that hosts our email since we have a dynamic IP address. Is there a way to create a rule to let me forward the internal email to my BlackBerry address?
You can create a rule if your administrator has configured your Exchange Server to permit automatic forwarding of messages. Assuming that condition to be true and assuming that no other restrictions have been enabled at the server/network level, then you can create a rule from within Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access to forward all email to the Blackberry account or other mobile device. Of course, before you do this, make certain to obtain permission from your administrator regarding forwarding of messages.

As a side note, even organizations with dynamic public IP addresses can use Exchange Server to receive external email. Tell your administrator to host your public DNS zone file with a service (e.g., DynDNS.org) that provides dynamic registrations. Then install a small utility such as DirectUpdate which will automatically detect a changed IP address and send it to the DNS hosting site to update your MX record.

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