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Creating a contact list without using the Global Address List

How do I create a contact list like the Global Address List in Exchange 5.5 for contacts -- other than using Global Address List?
If you want contacts to show up for Outlook clients, you have two options:
  1. From an administrative perspective, you can create contacts in your directory that will show up in the Global Address List (GAL) automatically. If you're using NT 4.0, then you create them using Exchange 5.5 Administrator. If you're using Active Directory, you create them using Active Directory Users and Computers.

  2. From an end user perspective, you can create a public folder that contains "contact items" and then create all the contacts inside the public folder. This can be accelerated through an import or simply done manually, depending on how many contacts you have and whether you have an electronic list that's importable.

Once the public folder has been set up, any end users that wish to use this as an "address list" will need to individually right-click the public folder from within Outlook, choose Properties, and check the "show as address list" checkbox to make the contacts appear as an address list whenever a new message is composed, or whenever the address book is viewed.

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