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Creating a customized welcome email in Outlook Web Access

SearchExchange.com expert Brad Dinerman explains how admins can create a welcome email for first-time Outlook Web Access users, despite the inability to customize welcome messages in Outlook.

I want to create an email congratulatory message for new users (such as in Microsoft Outlook Express 6 XP) that includes a description of our IT system, services, user abilities and duties, rules and mailbox sizes, configured to appear the first time they open Outlook Web Access. Is this possible with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 running on a Windows 2000 SP4 domain?
Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook no longer support the customization of a welcome message for Outlook 2003 (assuming that you are using this version of Outlook). However, if you automate user creation by using a VBS script rather than the standard Active Directory Users and Computers GUI, then you could modify your script to send a standard email message to new users after the account and mailbox are created. This email would be your welcome message.

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