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Creating disk space for an Exchange Server 2003 priv1.edb database

Running ESEUTIL will compact a priv1.edb Exchange Server database, but first you need to create available disk space. Here's how to do this on Exchange 2003.

I am running Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise Edition on a server with three partitions of 68 GB each. On the partition with priv1.edb, I only have 4 GB of disk space left. I have created a second storage group and information store on the E: drive, which has 68 GB available. I am in the process of moving mailboxes over to the new Exchange information store.

When the online defragmentation runs tonight, will the new Exchange store be available? My goal is to eventually move enough Exchange Server mailboxes so I can run ESEUTIL to compact the priv1.edb database.

Is this a good idea or is there is a better option?

It is not an online defragmentation that handles this, but your overall premise is correct. Essentially, you will begin to use all the available whitespace in the Exchange Server database by moving Exchange mailboxes instead of continuing to grow the size of the actual priv1.edb file. This sounds like a good idea.

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