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Customizing an Outlook Web Access 2003 email signature

Find out how to manually change the length of an Exchange Server email signature using the Outlook Web Access Administration Tool (OWAAdmin).

We are trying to implement a new signature for email. The format is quite wordy and includes a picture. I think we have it pared down for regular use, but are finding that in Outlook Web Access 2003 (OWA 2003) there is almost no room for anything more than a name and some text.

We found references to a registry setting called "maximum signature length" that is supposed to have a default of 4,096 characters.

Is there a setting that can be changed manually? If so, what values can it safely be adjusted to? The system is Exchange Server 2003, and the Outlook Web Access servers are running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.

You can easily access this setting using Microsoft's Outlook Web Access Administration Tool ( OWAAdmin). Install it on your Exchange Server, and then access it using http://<servername>/owaadmin. Within the Web page that appears, there will be a link for Automatic Signatures, from which you can manually set the maximum signature length for all users on that server.

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