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Customizing the mailbox storage limit message

Is it possible to customize the messages sent to a user when they exceed their mailbox storage limits?
There is no native interface for changing the message that gets generated. However, Microsoft has a tool called RLQUIKED that can edit the Exchange resource file (MDBSZ.DLL), which contains this message string. You can download the RLTOOLS at this Microsoft FTP site.

MDBSZ is the Microsoft Exchange MDB Localization DLL that ships with Exchange 2000 (and prior versions). I have used RLQUIKED to edit this file on both standalone and clustered Exchange 2000 systems with much success, albeit with a bit of work. The biggest challenge is that the DLL changes with each service pack (and some hotfixes, too). When this happens, you lose any changes you made and you must make them again.

But more importantly, you should note the following. RLQUIKED is part of what used to be called the Resource Localization Toolkit. This used to ship with the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) CDs and was freely available to developers to use for resource localization. However, that does not mean you can edit third-party resource DLLs and have that third-party support those changes.

There is no Microsoft PSS-supported mechanism for system message customization. However, Microsoft Consulting Services can be contracted to perform this work for you in a manner in which MCS will support. This is odd because MCS and PSS merged into a single organization last year called Worldwide Services. Nonetheless, the Microsoft policy on RLQUIKED (and the RLTOOLS) is as such: PSS does not support it, and MCS does, but only if you contract with them and pay them to do the customizations.

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