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DCDIAG test fails

I run NETDIAG every night and auto-email myself the results. However, there are two error messages that I and have been unable to solve. Both come from the frssysvol test:

1.     Starting test: frssysvol         There are errors after the SYSVOL has been shared.         The SYSVOL can prevent the AD from starting.        ......................... DATA passed test frssysvol

2.     Starting test: frssysvol         Error: No record of File Replication System, SYSVOL started.         The Active Directory may be prevented from starting.        ......................... GPDC passed test frssysvol

There is no apparent evidence of a malfunction other than these two messages.

These listings look like they came from DCDIAG, not NETDIAG.

I wish I had a magic bullet for you. Microsoft has not documented any of the tests run by DCDIAG. That means there is not much to go on when one of the tests fails other than the hint given by the developer.

I can tell you this, whatever it's doing, it's not bright about interpreting the results. I removed the SYSVOL share and disabled the NTFRS service and restarted the domain controller and it passed frssysvol. So it must be looking for a combination of values in the Registry.

Do you have more than one domain controller? Have you verified that new files created at one domain controller replicate to the other and vice versa? Check the Registry entries for HLKM | System | CurrentControlSet | Services | NTFRS to see if the values match.

Are you getting Event Log errors from the File Replication Service? These errors might point you in the direction of the problem.

Thanks for this problem, by the way. I've been far too trusting of DCDIAG. Now I will have to check out each test to see if it is really doing anything.

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