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DNS/DHCP issues when moving to AD in a mixed Windows/NetWare environment

We have a mixed environment of NetWare 6 and Windows 2000 using eDirectory 8.6.2 and a single flat NT domain. We use Novell's DNS and DHCP services on one of our NetWare servers. We need to upgrade our domain to AD and, despite testing it and it all seeming OK, I am concerned about the operability of Active Directory with our DNS and DHCP. We are planning to upgrade our domain controllers as the route to AD. Are there any "gotchas" we should be watching for?

We have 1500 PCs and cannot afford the headache of having to remove them from the AD domain and put them back into the NT domain (using a backup of our primary domain controller). Any advice would be welcomed either on using this environment or, if it were better, how to migrate our DNS/DHCP to Microsoft's (only if absolutely necessary).

The only concern here is really the DNS. DHCP is really a client management application that AD doesn't use. Like any DNS, it must work properly with MS. It must allow dynamic updates (RFC 2136) and the underscore (_) character as a valid name, and must comply in general with RFC 2052, which is support for the server RR.

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