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DNS domain names for zones and Active Directory

In discussing DNS, the books talk about creating DNS domain names for zones. However, they never refer to Active Directory domains in the discussion. I can't determine if the DNS domain names for zones must be identical to the domain name structure of AD or if they are two different issues?
The DNS zones and the Active Directory Domains are two different items for concern. The DNS zones are strictly speaking for the fully qualified domain name resolution (FQDN). Windows 2000?s directory structure is built to mimic this same type of hierarchy, in theory to make your life easier. (Does it feel easier to you yet?) The Active Directory names do not have to match the DNS zone names; however, that is typically the way you are expected to do it. Therefore, the documentation assumes that you will take the easy route and make the Active Directory domain name the same as the DNS name. Unfortunately, this leads to the exact confusion in the documentation that you are experiencing.

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