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DOS app receiving error message in Win2k: 'Incinet.exe NTVDM has encountered a System Error'

I am running a DOS application that calls a Windows app in Windows 2000. When the Windows app dialog box shows up, I get a dialog box with the following: "Incinet.exe NTVDM has encountered a System Error. The parameter is incorrect. Choose Close to terminate the application."

If I hit ignore, the Window app starts running without any problems. How can I ensure the error message dialog box does not pop up? It confuses our users and I would like to make sure it does not show up anymore. Thanks.

There is a problem with something the DOS application does during startup, probably requests direct access to hardware. Windows 2000 does not allow direct access to hardware. Every time this is attempted an error message will appear. There is no way around this unless you re-program the DOS application.

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