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Defragmenting an Exchange 2000 database

I have one Exchange 2000 server with only a gigabyte left of space where the information store is. We asked our users to clean their mailboxes and many did, but the size did not change. How can I get Exchange to let go of the space? Or do I need to add another drive for it to share? Or is there some type of cleanup utility?
There are two types of defragmentation that you can perform against an Exchange database: online and offline. You can perform the online defragmentation during maintenance hours. This process, however, will not compact the store. Instead, the removed data is treated as "white space" in the store. When new data is added afterwards, it fills in the white space first, and once that is filled the store begins to grow.

The other type of defragmentation is offline. This defragments and compacts the database. This is one that you perform manually, after taking the store offline. You can do this using the Eseutil utility. For details on how to do this, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 192185, XADM: How to Defragment with the Eseutil Utility (Eseutil.exe).

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