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Degrees frightening employers in England

This is not a question, but a comment. In England, extra degrees, especially post-graduate, seem to make most employers...

frightened. Most IT managers are not graduates. So somebody with a degree, which in theory implies more knowledge, is too clever for them. Also, certificate courses have more practical hands-on work as part of the course. I have heard a lot of times, "You are overqualified." Mind you, I have a Ph.D., which I have taken out of my resume for most job applications. Sometimes, even a B.S. seems to be too high. In Germany and France, degree holders are viewed with much more respect. Thanks for your input. I do agree that in some cases a degree can lead to thoughts of over-qualification, particularly in situations where the hiring manager has no degree and the applicant has one or more. As to the hands-on practicality of certificates and certificate courses, that does of course depend on the course and/or the certificate, but by and large a differentiating factor between degrees and certificates is that the former tend rather more toward theoretical concerns while the latter incline more in the practical hands-on direction.

Thanks for sharing some interesting thoughts and perspectives.


This was last published in June 2003

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An interesting story shared. What's important to mention that it's not some abstract "employers" are "frightened" but some real people, hiring managers have this kind of reaction. Which is a bit weird, because manager's job is to motivate and organize, not to be the most educated member of the team.