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Deleting user profiles from former students at a school

I have a domain on a schools network. How can I delete the user profiles from previous students? I get an invalid security rights error when I try to delete their usernames/profiles. Also, if I do not have the administrator password to log on locally, can I log onto the domain and delete these old usernames? And is there a way to "hide" a shared printer that is in the library and keep students from all labs from printing to library, so they can only print from inside the library computers?
You'll have to be an administrator in the domain, not necessarily the local admin, but a domain admin to delete user profiles. You will need to take ownership of the files before you will be able to delete them. Here is a doc explaining how.

To delete the usernames you must be a Domain Admin with privileges over user account management. Then you must use the Active Directory Users and Computer tool to delete the accounts.

Usually to hide resources in a domain environment requires that you create Organizational Units or OUs within the domain, and then place the resources in that OU. You should be able to place the printers and the computer(s) in the library in a Library OU. Then only when logged into that one (or few) systems will the library printer be visible or usable to users. Here are some useful docs on this:

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