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Delivering email between Exchange server test and production domains

If you want to send email from an Exchange server test domain to a product domain, you need to point to…

I have an Exchange server in a test domain. I also have multiple production Exchange servers in my production domain that all have trusts established.

When sending an email to the production mail address: abc@production.xyz.com from abc@xyz.com, it does not get delivered. Can you please help me set up the mail delivery?

It sounds like you're trying to send email from an internal test Exchange organization (xyz.com) to an internal production Exchange organization (production.xyz.com).

If this is the case, your sending Exchange server in the test domain will need to point to a DNS server that is aware of the Mail Exchanger (MX) record for production.xyz.com. Once you define this MX record, your sending server will deliver to the appropriate gateway in production.xyz.com.

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