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Determining which Exchange servers are standard and enterprise

We have hundreds of Exchange 2000 servers installed in our company. We recently ran into issues where the 16G B Priv.EDB file size maximum was reached, due to the fact that an admin installed Exchange 2000 Standard Edition and not the Exchange 2000 Enterprise Edition. Is there a way to run a script/query or find out what servers are Standard and what servers are Enterprise installations? We would like to get this info to convert the Standard versions over to Enterprise versions. Microsoft Knowledgebase does not have much on this topic.
There are a couple of ways to do this. I think that if you are going to script it, though, the easiest way would be to just write a script that parses the Exchange server setup progress.log file, which is in the root of the boot drive on all of your Exchange servers. In that log, you'll find an entry on Standard systems that says "This is a(n) standard version of Microsoft Exchange 2000." Of course, the Enterprise Edition will identify itself as the Enterprise Edition.

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