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Dial-up networking causes computer to timeout

I have Win2K Pro installed on my notebook and use it for dial-up from home to the corporate LAN. I can dial-in...

using both a roaming number and a local access number. The roaming number works like a charm; username/password verifies, registers computer on domain, authenticates, boom, in....

Using the same configuration but only changing the dial-in number to the local number, username/password verifies. But while trying to register, computer on domain will timeout with a TCP/IP 718 error.

I have been told that there are separate routers for the roaming dial-in versus the local dial-in number and with Win2k that there is an issue with Win2k and the router. People that still have either Win95 or 98FE/SE can dial-in to the local number just fine. I guess I was just wondering if you had heard of any issues with Dial-up Networking in Win2k that are specifically router related?

I'm sorry, I haven't ever seen this problem, even though I do regularly use Windows 2000's dial-up. As a work-around, you could configure your primary number as an alternate. If it works, great. If it doesn't, you've eliminated that possibility as the source of your problem. Good luck!
This was last published in August 2001

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