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Differences between Windows NT 4.0 and Win2k services

I wrote a service (ATL COM) program that works under Windows NT 4.0. By calling 'progname /regserver' and 'progname /service.' I am able to see the program in the services window. However, when I try the same thing in Win2k, I see nothing at all. However, if I create a new dummy service and register it on Win2k, I see it just fine. Are there any differences between Windows NT 4.0 and Win2k when it comes to services?
There are no relative differences between Windows NT and Win2k. My bet is that you have done something to your CServiceModule::RegisterServer which is not properly registering the service. Use the Platform SDK's WinDiff file differencing program to compare your code against the dummy AppWizard generated code. Also, with Win2k, you need to refresh the services display manually in whatever Management Console you are using to view the services list. Press F5 or right click and select Refresh to get the list updated.

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