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Direct all outgoing e-mail via external antispam service

Adjust your Smart host setting to direct all of your outgoing e-mail via an external antispam service

We use an external antispam service, so all our incoming e-mail comes to us via their servers. I would like to direct all of our outgoing e-mail via their service as well. They have supplied the server names and the IP addresses. I could do this with Exchange 5.5, but I cannot see where to do it with Exchange 2003.
What you are looking for is the Smart host setting. If you have just one Exchange 2003 server and you are not using an SMTP connector then you can go to the properties for the SMTP virtual server and insert the IP address of their host into the Smart host field.

If you have an SMTP connector then you will want to configure the smart host attribute on the internet facing SMTP connector rather than directly on the SMTP virtual server. Once you configure a Smart host, all outbound mail will be forwarded to the designated server.

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