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Disappearing forwarder info on NT4

I just added DNS services to a small 192.168 NAT domain with T1 Internet. Server is <sic> WinNT. (2K conversion coming soon.) The NT DNS is set as SOA for the internal domain, and forwarding to ISP name servers for others. The trouble is that the server sometimes "forgets" its forwarding info. You go in one day and all looks fine. Another day or sometimes mere hours later the forwarding info is completely gone!

I have the forwarding timeout set to "10", and the symptom when the forwarders disappear is that the first (new) query always fails while subsequent ones succeed. I presume this is the root hints and cache finally catching up, regardless of the forwarding setting... Re-enabling the forwarding allows initial queries to succeed at first try. Have you seen such a case of disappearing forwarder info on NT4? How can we lock it in?
Here is a possible solution: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;182227

If that fails, go to Microsoft.com/technet or support.microsoft.com and search using various keywords such as, DNS forwarding, Windows NT, etc.

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