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Disappearing public folder forms

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta helps an administrator troubleshoot public folder forms that have been mysteriously disappearing from users' Outlook clients.

We are running Exchange 2000 and using public folders for forms. I have created about 10 different folders -- each has a form that I created. We post equipment trouble tickets, human resource requests, etc.

We are working on upgrading to Office 2003, but we keep losing the forms on different workers throughout the day. I can correct this by going into Properties, managing the forms and then copying them back in. I have to do this periodically throughout the day. This problem did not start until we started upgrading to Office 2003. Do you have any suggestions?

Without knowing specifics about your environment, I'll make an educated guess. Do you by any chance have more than one replica of the public folders hosting the forms? If so, then have a look at (a) which public folder replica your Outlook clients are hitting (i.e., affected by affinity) and (b) public folder replication.

At first glance, it sounds like some of your Outlook clients are hitting replicas that contain the forms in the folder form library, while other clients are hitting replicas that for some reason don't contain the forms.

If that doesn't apply, have a good look through the application event logs on the Exchange server(s) hosting your problematic public folders and check for any suspicious errors (or warnings), specifically any from the MSExchangeIS Public source.

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