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Disjoining and joining different domains

I have a question about changing domains. In an earlier Expert Response you said:

There is a way to do this by using the NETSH tool. You can create two batch files (or as many as you need) to switch between the domains as needed. When logged in on one domain, type NETSH -c interface dump > c:domain.txt to dump out the network settings to a file named domain.txt. To re-import and re-use the settings, type netsh -f c:domain.txt, and the new settings will take effect immediately. Obviously this can be automated with batch files. Note that computers visible through the browser may not appear immediately.

My question is, will this also solve the problem of disjoining and joining different domains -- i.e., member of 'domain' in the Computer Name tab of System Properties?
I did a little more digging and found out that if you're talking about changing domains -- complete with authentication and whatnot -- the best way to do this is with a third-party program such as >Netswitcher. One other possible way to get around some of the problems of domain membership is to join the laptop to the most commonly-used domain, and then use NET USE /NETONLY and the RUNAS commands to do anything that involves credentials in the other domain.

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