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Disk cloning -- when do I run Sysprep?

I'm studying for my first MCSE 2000 exam: 70-210, and I have a question about disk duplication. When you run the sysprep tool (sysprep.exe) to clear the unique info on the source PC, when do you run the Setup Manager (SetupMGR.exe) -- before or after running sysprep.exe? Does it even make a difference if you ran setupMGR.exe before or after?
Setup Manager is a tool you can use to create answer files, such as Sysprep.inf. If you're like most professionals, you'll create your own answer files manually, without the aid of Setup Manager. Setup Manager doesn't factor in to any other part of the disk-cloning process. Create the Sysprep folder, which includes Sysprep.exe, Setupcl.exe and Sysprep.inf, and then run Sysprep.exe to prepare the disk for cloning.

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