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Displaying a public IP address and domain name, but not internal data

Learn how to make an IP address public on Microsoft Exchange Server, while keeping internal data private.

We have an internal and an external domain, with internal and external IP addresses. My e-mail recipients see my internal domain name and my internal IP address for my mail server, which cannot be resolved by DNS to my public domain of blueridgepro.com.

How do I set my Microsoft Exchange Server box so the outside world sees my public IP address and domain name, but not my internal data?

You could change the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) sent by Exchange Server from SMTP Virtual Server properties to match the public FQDN, but it isn't recommended and it isn't a complete solution -- the Message-ID will continue to have the actual FQDN.

Exchange Server does not have any native tools to rewrite SMTP headers. You may have to look into third-party tools like MailSweeper that do this, or code something yourself to run on your SMTP gateway.

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