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Distinguished name error

I have created/mounted a Exchange 2003 Service Pack 1 RSG (Recovery Storage Group) database, but when I right click on any mailbox whose name contains a comma (LastName, FirstName) I get the following error:

An Invalid dn syntax has been specified.
Facility: LDAP Providor
ID no: 80072032
Exchange System Manager

This does not happen in the live database with names containing commas or in the RSG with names that do not contain commas. Can you explain why this is happening?

It sounds to me like the distinguished name (dn) associated with this mailbox has been created with a comma in it. The dn is typically in the format /DC=MyExOrg/OU=Sengupta/CN=MyServer. Per RFC 1777 and 1779 a dn cannot contain a comma.

You can confirm this by viewing the mailbox through a tool such as ADSIEdit or LDP. You'll need to clean up your dn in order to support recovery using Exchange 2003 RSGs.

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